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N-Tune is the world's most convenient solution for fast, accurate guitar tuning. Whether you're in the studio, on stage or just practicing - simply pull your guitar's volume knob and use N-Tune's super-bright display to silently tune up in seconds. After you're tuned-up, push the volume button down to play with no effect on your instrument's tone. N-Tune's true bypass design removes all tuning circuitry from your signal path. 

You can have any reputable local shop installed it for you and you can do it yourself. Modifications to a guitar's body or hardware may be necessary to install properly.

  • Fast, accurate tuning
  • For use in most electric or bass guitars
  • Pull volume knob to tune-up silently; push knob back down to play
  • Includes black, Gibson-Creme and white-colored tuning rings
  • True bypass design preserves your instrument's original tone
  • No drilling or permanent modifications required
  • Installs easily using standard soldering tools
  • Auto shut-off to preserve battery life

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