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A fistful of metal! This video will get you playing in the style of metal music quicker than any other method. You’ll learn the basics of metal chords and scales as well as the techniques associated with both. As the teacher in the video plays, your Fretlight 5 lights up exactly what he’s playing. No more guessing where he’s putting his fingers. Fast, easy and fun!

Approximate running time 30 minutes. 

  • Rhythmic Subdivisions
  • Power Chords & Power Chord Alternatives
  • Choking the Chord & Palm Muting
  • Chunk Technique
  • Drop D Tuning
  • Alternate Picking
  • Gallop Rhythms
  • Creating Metal Guitar Riffs
  • E Minor Scale
  • Lead Guitar Technique Exercises
  • Metal Lead Guitar Demonstration (E Minor)
  • Metal Guitar Improvisation

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