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The Intermediate 102 Complete Course Set includes 5 discs of intermediate guitar playing concepts and techniques.

SPECIAL NOTE: These videos are optimized for the FG-400 and FG-500 series of guitars with full 21-fret lighted learning systems. These videos are NOT compatible with Fretlight 5 acoustic and electric guitars.

Rests, Ties, and Syncopation

This video introduces the new rhythmic concepts of rests and ties along with the concept of syncopation. This includes an explanation of the muting techniques used when playing rhythms with rests along with demonstrations of new rhythmic ideas using individual notes as well as chord strums and progressions. The examples in this video are played in the style of Chicago, Tom Petty, Pearl Jam, Neil Young, Queen and more!

Approx. 16 min. instruction plus 10 practice loops

Harmonic Rhythm and Syncopation

This video combines the new rhythmic concepts from the first video along with several chord variations that incorporate harmonic rhythm. The practice sections in this video make use of strummed chords, arpeggios, and bass note strums along with many new variations in harmonic rhythm, and there are examples played in the style of the Who, Eric Clapton, Three Doors Down, AC/DC, Jet and more! 

Approx. 16 min. instruction plus 10 practice loops

Technique Building Workout

This video focuses on further developing the synchronization between the left hand and the right hand. This includes examples that focus on picking technique, examples that focus on fretting technique, and examples that focus on getting both hands to work together. This main focus of this video is on building ‘chops' and contains over 30 practice sessions that will help you to improve your speed and accuracy no matter what style you play.

Approx. 20 min. instruction plus 10 practice loops

Riff Playing Essentials

This video begins with a review of open position scales including the diatonic scale as well as the chromatic scale and then moves on to the basics of building and practicing riffs. There is also a discussion about different scale types and scale tones, and each scale is demonstrated using riffs and melodies that incorporate different rhythms that include rests, ties and syncopation. The examples in this video are played in the style of Steve Miller, Bob Marley, Sublime, Joe Cocker and more!

Approx. 15 min. instruction plus 5 practice loops

Riff and Chord Combinations

This video combines the use of open position scales and open position chords. This video has the most playing examples of the five titles offered in this course. It focuses on developing the use of harmony and melody together by combining all of the elements from the previous titles together. The examples in this video are played in the style of the Doors, Neil Young, Journey, Led Zeppelin, Dave Matthews and more! 

Approx. 15 min. instruction plus 8 practice loops