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Fretlight is the World's Best
Guitar Learning System

The Fretlight Guitar the fastest and easiest way to learn guitar. This means that you get to the "playing" part of learning much faster - you have more confidence and you're having more fun!

Fretlight was designed for your success. We believe you should be playing your first song or riff within 10 minutes. Being able to play your first song this quickly is the motivation that will inspire you to keep going and explore your inner musician.





 Get Started Playing Right Away with FREE Software and Video Lessons!

The Fretlight Guitar comes with everything you need to start learning and playing guitar right away! Included free software and video lessons interact with the lights in the guitar to get you playing your first song within minutes. The Fretlight 5 Acoustic Guitar includes a FREE clip-on tuner, while the Fretlight 5 Electric Guitar has a built-in tuner so you sound great every time you pick up your guitar!