Top 5 Ways Fretlight Can Help Your Playing


1. Fretlight lets you audition new scales and improvise over different genres of music.

It’s that simple. Choose a progression, the software lights up the correct scale, and way you go. Try out different scales and play to over 120 built-in progressions.

2. Fretlight lets you see all your chord inversions for songwriting in the new Chord & Scale Library

Use the pull down menus to quickly select your favorite chord and see it light up on the neck. Then use the optional dual footswitch to cycle through the inversions from the nut all the way up the neck to the 21st fret. Fast and simple.

3. See your favorite Tablature light up on the neck

Go to a website like Search and download for FREE your favorite song. Open it up in Guitar Pro 6 Fretlight Ready software and click play. Watch as it lights up on your Fretlight. You can always slow it down and loop any section quickly and easily. By far, the quickest way to learn your favorite song or riff.

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4. Fretlight is a tool that can help you break out of your rut

We all get busy with life and don’t have the time to learn new scales, chords, songs or riffs. Fretlight lets you light it up and go, period. No matter what you want to learn you’ll learn it faster and easier on the Fretlight. Maximize your time today, get Fretlight!

5. Yes, it’s a real guitar!

By implementing our amazing lighted learning system on a real guitar, you’re learning and playing at the same time. No learning on a toy or device and then grabbing your real guitar. No back and forth from YouTube videos either. Your real guitar is in your hands so that your motor skills are being taught the exact moves you’ll play on any guitar you use. Look at the neck, put your fingers on those lights and away you go. Simple.