Fretlight Studio 6

The Fretlight Studio 6 allows you access to everything that you want to do with your Fretlight wired guitar from one handy screen. You can learn chords and scales, play songs, take video lessons, or learn to improvise a solo! No more guesswork as to where to put your fingers. No more frustration of spending hours to play a simple riff. With the Fretlight built-in LED learning system, you can get started in minutes! 

Learn Chords & Scales

The new Chord and Scale Library features a new drop-down menu interface that allows for quick access to thousands of chord and scale patterns in any key, a new QuickStep® Playlist that allows for the building of 3 auto-saved custom chord and scale progressions quickly and easily, and new footswitch control options to step forward or backward through your lists or chord and scale positions.

Play Hal Leonard Fretlight Ready® Videos

Now see Hal Leonard Videos light up on the Fretlight! As you watch the video in  the Fretlight Studio software the Fretlight lights-up exactly what the instructor is playing. Videos available include: Eric Clapton, Lennon and McCartney, CCR, Bob Seger, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Blues Classics, Rock Classics, and more!

Play Fretlight Ready® Videos

It’s simple: Whatever our teacher plays instantly lights up on your Fretlight wired guitar. Whether it’s a chord progression, a blazing lead, a pull off, a hammer on, a bend, etc., the Fretlight Video Player software lights up your Fretlight in real-time along with the video. No more wondering what your teacher played or how he played it. With a Fretlight wired guitar and the Fretlight Studio, becoming a better guitar player just became a whole lot easier and dare we say—as fast as the speed of light.

Improvise a Solo

Fretlight Studio fuels your creativity and enables you to break out of the box like never before. It's simple: Choose from over 100 backing tracks. Choose the key and tempo you want to jam in, and the program will light up on the Fretlight wired guitar all the notes you need to play in the exact scales pertaining to that style! You can jam in any style like blues, jazz, salsa, heavy metal, rock, folk, and much more!


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170 MB; Windows 7, 8 and 10
(6.1.474 6/17/15)

170 MB; OS X 10.7+
(6.1.474 6/17/15)