1. What's the difference between the Fretlight 5 guitar and the other Fretlight guitars?
The Fretlight 5 guitar is designed for the absolute beginner and only has the LED lights in the nut and first 5 frets of the guitar. This range does cover every note and allows for an economical design while giving the beginner player access to all of their open and easy chords and beginning scales.

2. Where do I get more songs and lessons for my Fretlight?
You can find more lesson, artist, lick and Fretlight 5 videos at fretlight.com. All of these videos are interactive and as the teacher in the video plays your Fretlight lights up exactly what they are playing. No more guesswork.

3. Why is Fretlight better than just using a traditional book or lessons on the internet?
We've put a lot of thought and science into the Fretlight. Please see our Technology page to read about why Fretlight works so well for both the beginner player and the seasoned veteran. Just ask yourself which is quicker - looking back and forth from a book or seeing the information right under your fingers?

4. What does the Fretlight Dual Footswitch do?
The Fretlight footswitch gives you hands-free access to functions on the software so you don't have to take your hands of the guitar and reach for the mouse. You can set each footswitch task very easily through pull-down menus in the software. Tasks such as start, stop, loop, repeat. slow down tempo, rewind, change scale box pattern, change chord pattern, etc. The footswitch connects in the the included 10 ft. Fretlight-to-USB cable.

5. Is the Fretlight a real guitar and what about its quality?
Fretlight has been around for 26 years and its always been a real guitar. That's what sets it apart from toys and games. Founder Rusty Shaffer was a guitar player who wanted a better way to get better. He knew that if Fretlight was just a training device it would have the limitation of being put down by the user as they pick up their real guitar to try to play what they just learned. That was not good enough for Rusty. The Fretlight had to be an instrument that was good enough to keep playing even after you turn the lights off. That is the best way - and fastest way - to learn and get better. Every Fretlight is adjusted and played in the Reno NV facility to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


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