The Band-in-a-Box Pro Fretlight Ready software for Windows is here! Band-in-a-Box Pro Fretlight Ready software for Windows is an intelligent automatic accompaniment program that is a powerful and creative music composition tool for exploring and developing musical ideas. Just type in the chords for any song using standard chord symbols (like C, Fm7, or C13b9), choose the style you'd like, and Band-in-a-Box does the rest. Band-in-a-Box automatically generates a complete professional-quality arrangement of piano, bass, drums, guitar, and strings or horns. Plus, add REAL accompaniment to your song with RealTracks. These are recordings of top studio musicians that replace the MIDI track with audio instruments. They sound like real musicians, because they ARE real musicians! With the Fretlight Mode activated you can light up the built-in or you custom created music composition's chord progression, solos or accompaniments.

Band-in-a-Box Pro Fretlight Ready software includes over 50 great new features and enhancements, 101 more amazing RealTracks, 54 MIDI SuperTracks, 36 Artist Performances and that’s not all.

The GUI has been redesigned with a great new look and many time-saving enhancements! The Toolbars and Song Title Area have been redone, and the chord sheet now has a “Real” looking handwritten font for chords. We have added UserTracks. Now you can make your own RealTracks to add to your song. Plus there’s a handy Instant Preview of styles, RealTracks, and RealDrums so that you can quickly audition them to choose the best ones for your song. Loops now support Acidized Loops. A Legato Strings feature that automatically optimizes MIDI string parts to prevent retriggering the same notes, a new Master Volume allows you to boost volumes of all songs with one setting, 8 new Hi-Q MIDI sounds, and many more…




NEW! 101 more RealTracks with great new Jazz, Rock-Pop, and Country Styles. These include:

28 Jazz RealTracks:

Introducing the “Jazz Pollwinners” series of Jazz Artist RealTracks. These new RealTracks are by the best-of-the-best jazz musicians. These artists have won Downbeat’s Critics “best player” poll many times. Our Pollwinners RealTracks series includes Ron Carter (“bass”), Kenny Barron (“piano”), Lewis Nash (“drums”), Gary Smulyan (“baritone sax”), Phil Woods (“alto sax”), and Pat Martino (“guitar”). Styles for jazz swing, ballad, waltz and bossa included. And there are new RealTracks for Jazz Electric Piano, and EZ-Listening Jazz Acoustic Piano.

32 Country RealTracks:
We’ve got great a new New Orleans RealTracks band (piano, drums, bass , guitar) headed by piano sensation Kevin McKendree. Nashville Guitar legend Brent Mason returns with two new Nylon String accompaniment RealTracks (tempo 85 and 120) and two new soloists: Crossover (tempo 75, swing 16ths), and Promise (tempo 100, Even 16ths). Nine Folk, Celtic and Country styles are added for Irish Bouzouki. New Country Waltzes, Shuffles, and Soloists by award winning artists: John Jarvis-piano CMA winner, Rob Ickes-resonator (13 time winner International Bluegrass Player of the Year), and Andy Leftwich-mandolin.

41 Rock-Pop RealTracks:

Hot New Orleans Boogie styles added (piano, bass, drums, guitar). Horn Section Background ‘Pad’ style added. Funky Electric Piano and Clav from piano legend John Jarvis. 60’s/70;s funk grooves - bass, piano and drums. New Dance Synth tracks. Baritone Sax Blues backgrounds and more!

This Pro version includes:

  • Band-in-a-Box 2015
  • Pro RealCombos: Over 30 RealTracks instruments in 9 bands and RealDrums Set 1.
  • Bonus RealTracks Set 1: Classical String Quartet
  • MIDI SuperTracks Sets 1-3: a total of 46 MIDI SuperTracks
  • MIDI Styles Sets 0-3 plus 100 assorted: Over 300 MIDI styles total.
  • MIDI Soloist Set 1: Over 100 MIDI Soloists in a variety of instruments
  • MIDI Melodist Set 1: Over 60 MIDI Melodists in a variety of instruments
  • Loops Set 1: Nature Sounds and Percussion Loops
  • Band-in-a-Box Installation DVD
  • Band-in-a-Box printed User's Guide
  • Band-in-a-Box printed Install Guide
  • Band-in-a-Box printed Fretlight Help
  • Artist Performance Set 1 

The additionally included for free RealBand software is a full-featured and powerful music arranging, sequencing, and digital recording program.

Compatibility: Windows 7, 8 and 10

SPECIAL NOTE: This PC ONLY software is only optimized for the FG-400 and FG-500 series of guitars with full 21-fret lighted learning systems. This software is NOT compatible with Fretlight 5 acoustic and electric guitars unless the notes being played are in the first 5 frets.