Is “Learn to Play Guitar” an item on your bucket list? Maybe it’s that one resolution on your New Year’s list that just never gets crossed off? Have you tried to play guitar in the past, but quit because it was too hard or maybe you just didn’t have enough time? Fretlight can help you to FINALLY make that dream a reality!

5 Ways that Fretlight Can Help Make your Guitar Playing Dreams Come True!


Find your true rhythm! Remember how much you loved picking up your guitar and playing new chords and maybe even a new song or two? It was relaxing and it made you feel great! Fretlight can help you get back on that track. You’ll learn and play songs in minutes, not hours and days and you’ll find that playing the Fretlight way really is a lot easier. 


Maximize your time. We all have busy lives. The kids have practice, you’ve got that meeting to go to, it’s your anniversary... Even if you’ve only got 20 minutes to play, Fretlight can help you get where you want to go. Stop wasting your time with outdated learning methods. Start playing the guitar the fast and easy way with Fretlight!
Start playing right away with everything you need. The Fretlight Guitar comes with everything you need to start playing right away. Songs, lessons, software – you get it all!

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Yes, it’s a real guitar. By implementing our amazing lighted learning system on a real guitar, you’re learning and playing at the same time. No learning on a toy or device and then grabbing your real guitar. No back and forth from YouTube videos either. Your real guitar is in your hands so that your motor skills are being taught the exact moves you’ll play on any guitar you use. Look at the neck, put your fingers on those lights and away you go. Simple.
It’s not just for beginners. The Fretlight Guitar is perfect for any level of guitar player. Whether it’s learning your first chord, learning a new scale or learning that song you’ve always wanted to play, Fretlight has something for everyone.